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Are you an EP Adviser? Register your labels via 1energylabel.


Fill out your details, double-check them and click 'submit'. Once received, we will verify your details.

Once approved, you receive a confirmation and you can start [registering] via 1energylabel straight away.

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As a national body, 1energylabel facilitates the issuing of mandatory labels for all eligible buildings in the Netherlands.

In order to be able to offer these services, our professionals must be certified in accordance with the official national guidelines developed by the government.

Don't wait any longer. Sign up as EP Adviser today. 1energylabel will take care of the rest.

Energy label registration for EP Advisers

Are you EP-W and/or EP-U certified or do you employ a certified EP adviser?
Then you are qualified to carry out the building inspections and make energy labels yourself. We provide the back-office services, such as file control and energy label registration.


Rates 2023

1energylabel has fixed, low prices:


  • 20,- per registered energy label
  • 10,- per reference home
  • NO additional subscription fees or other monthly obligations


  • 85,- for non-residential buildings
  • 65,- for reference buildings
  • NO additional subscription fees or other monthly obligations

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Why 1energylabel?


Lowest rates in the Netherlands

BRL9500-01 and BRL9500-03 certified *

You only pay for actual registrations

 Flexible, no obligations

 Easy payment via iDeal

* homes and commercial properties


1energylabel is holder of the NL/EPBD process certificate according to BRL 9500-01 and BRL 9500-03, and allows qualified persons and companies to register EP files for homes and commercial properties.

At 1energylabel, you only pay for the energy labels you register, so there is no subscription fee or mandatory number of registrations.

We can forward quote requests and assignments received by 1energylabel to active advisers. You can also arrange your own quotation requests and assignments. This way, you can set your own prices and only pay us the registration fee.

Quality assurance

1energylabel is BRL9500-01 and BRL9500-03 certified. This means that we operate according to the official guidelines.

1energylabel carries out checks of the registered inspections at least once a year and provides feedback if necessary. We do this for free. In doing so, we internally ensure the quality assurance of the inspections of our partners and our team.

1energylabel is monitored externally by certification body SKG-IKOB. The findings of all audited files are recorded in a report.