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Energielabel woning aanvragen

Bij de verkoop of verhuur van uw woning is een energielabel verplicht. Regel een definitief energielabel voor uw woning.


New energy label 2021

The new energy label came into effect in 2021, based on the NTA 8800 Energy Performance of Buildings. A definitive energy label is mandatory when a home is put up for sale or rent.

Some mortgage lenders give a discount on the mortgage interest rate of energy-efficient homes. In this case, the mortgage lender will also require a definitive energy label.


Applying for a definitive energy label


Do you need to apply for an energy label for commercial real estate? We've made this a piece of cake for you, too.

Apply for an energy label now


1. Make an appointment

Make an appointment. Use our online registration form.


2. Inspection

An assessment will take place on-site. This will take approx. 60 minutes per property, depending on the size and the availability of building plans.


3. Energy label and advice

After processing the data back at the office, we register the energy label and provide it online.


Want to know what an energy label is made up of? Download the example below and have a look.

Timestamp: 24-02-2021
Filesize: 1.21 MB

For the BRL9500 certificate, please go to Skgikob

Energy label for your home

The new energy label is determined in accordance with the NTA 8800 Energy Performance of Buildings and provides a much more accurate picture of the energy efficiency of your home than the previous label.

Before January 1, 2021, a home needed an Energy Index of 0.6 or lower to be eligible for an interest discount on the mortgage.

After 2021, only A labels and higher will be taken into account. Ask your mortgage lender for the exact terms and conditions.


Energy label inspection at home

We will send our EP advisor to your home to determine the energy label. This visit will take about 1 to 2 hours. A survey of the home must be carried out by a certified EP advisor in order to calculate the new energy label.

Proof of energy-saving measures

You must be able to demonstrate which energy-saving measures have been taken that have an effect on the energy label of the home. This can be demonstrated by means of:

  • construction plans
  • invoices
  • specifications